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A Nearly Half Century of First-rate Auto Care Service in Oklahoma City

For nearly 50 years, Ken’s Tire & Auto has provided best-in-class auto care services for the people of Oklahoma City and surrounding communities. Whether it’s tire rotation, balancing, or an assortment of the best-in-market tires that we sell, Ken’s Tire & Auto makes sure that every car that comes into our shop is equipped with the best quality tires.

When it comes to auto care, Ken’s Tire & Auto is renowned for its exemplary service by world-class technicians for every car that arrives at our shop. Rest assured that our highly-trained technicians adhere to the highest manufacturer’s standards. Our strict attention to detail and thorough way of doing things pays off in our customers driving safe and reliable cars after they are serviced at Ken’s Tire & Auto.

Among the makes of cars we service at Ken’s Tire & Auto are Dodge, Ford, Honda, Toyota, and Chevrolet.

Owner Eric Fittro Sets Tone for Superior Customer Service

Eric Fitrro believes that every customer deserves to be treated with respect. In fact, he sets the tone for exceptional service at Ken’s Tire & Auto that keeps customers coming back. All of our technicians and sales associates treat each person who arrives at our shop with dignity and sensitivity.

Just as much excellence goes into customer care as auto care. When you leave Ken’s Tire & Auto, we want you to feel good about the service you received. We love what we do, and that passion for our customers inspires our personal brand of service.

Eric wants every customer at Ken’s Tire & Auto to be treated like family. Your satisfaction means everything to us.

You can count on our friendly staff at Ken’s Tire & Auto to keep your vehicle safe and reliable after every service!

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Ken's Tire & Auto Svc

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